Helping YOU, tap into YOUR Inner guidance system consistently so that YOUR life flows with ease, grace, joy and magic!

Is your Inner Guidance  confusing to you?

Do you think  sometimes it's just your ego talking?

Do you receive Inner Guidance easily one day and not the next?

Hi, I am Barbara Marie and I help people just like you, learn how to tap into their own I.G.S. (Inner Guidance System ) Working with my own angels and guides over several years, we have developed ways and systems to help you discover how you personally can receive this Highest guidance and how to get perfectly clear on your own I.G.S.

You will no longer be confused about the source of your guidance. You will trust that it is your Higher guidance giving you messages and suggestions. You will receive this Higher guidance consistently and it will be at your fingertips 24/7.  This results in your having ease and grace in  living your daily life.  Your stress is gone!  You go to bed at night with a smile on your face, knowing you've made the best decisions for you and your family, by using your I.G.S.

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What is the I.G.S.?

I, Barbara Marie,  have coined the phrase Inner Guidance System or in short form our I.G.S.  Our Inner guidance system consists of our spiritual connection to Source/God and it can even use our bodies to give us information.  We use this system to receive Higher guidance, guidance from a Higher perspective than just the human perspective. It uses our connection to the Divine and therefore it is used to give us Divine Guidance that is alignment with our life purpose.

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    Dear Friends,

    I just wanted to say a few words to regarding the I.G.S. (Inner Guidance System.)  Since receiving my Ph.D. my focus has been all about the topic of Inner Guidance.

    Some of you are confused about your gifts and what you can offer to the world. Most of you know that you are being drawn to something bigger, something more important in your life. You are on a quest to fulfill your life purpose.

    Many of you are leaders. Many of you though, are introverts and you have a hard time bringing yourself and your gifts out to the world. You may be struggling to find the courage to step up and shine.

    I have learned that by bringing your I.G.S.  into your personal life and your business life, decisions are much easier to make. Your I.G.S. keeps you in alignment with your Divine life purpose.

    If you are struggling in any way or have a lack of clarity on this,  fill out the form above, and you will receive the information needed to download the short ebook I wrote to give you the 7  ways that we receive Inner guidance.

    You will find 3 tools that we all can use right now. You will also find more about four of our natural spiritual gifts that we can use to receive this Inner guidance.

    Just fill out the form and you will be given the download link sent to your email address.

    Many blessings,

    Barbara Marie (Reverend Barbara Marie Babish, Ph.D.)

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