Supporting LIGHTWORKERS - Expanding your vision of who you truly are and what you offer to the world...

Are you ready for YOUR Quantum Leap?

Are you a Lightworker or spirit led person looking for more, but you don't know what that "more" is?

Is this YOU?

  • ready for more but a little fearful to find out what that is?
  • not sure if you can trust your own intuition and guidance?
  • afraid to see your own greatness?
  • not sure if you are worthy of great success?
  • wondering if someone might really need YOUR gifts and talents?
  • afraid that you might have to really commit time and attention to your own spiritual growth?

Step #1:  Hi!  This is Barbara Marie. I invite you to take advantage of my offer of a FREE Language of Light Activation for Opening Your Heart.

Many clients have reported profound benefits after experiencing The Language of Light...

  • * experienced many forms of physical healing
  • * opened or deepened their connection to angels and guides
  • * received clues to their life purpose
  • * felt a greater balance and sense of well-being
  • * received knowledge of their “higher self”
  • * experienced unconditional love for others and themselves
  • * were able to offer more powerful holistic services to others
  • * were able to find a profound sense of peace

What I do ...

As a spiritual life guide, I provide a safe sacred space for Lightworkers where I support them in a greater vision of themselves, so they embrace the expanded version of their life purpose.

One of the things that I do for my clients is to hold a sacred space for them to grow spiritually as they grow and expand their  gifts.  As a Visionary, I see the greatest potential in a person and I share that with my clients.  Once they start to accept this greater version of themselves, their confidence grows and they start to see  themselves and their life with new eyes.

As a channel of Divine Beings, I also offer messages to my clients directly from Spiritual sources that give them advice and suggestions on how to improve their spiritual life, their daily life and their businesses.  My clients are given Divine Activations so that they are vibrationally prepared for their Quantum Leap into being more than they ever imagined.

We use the power of the colors in the RAINBOW and together we EXPLORE their spiritual connection, EXPAND their gifts and then they learn to EXPRESS  that to the world.

Many blessings, Barbara Marie

Hello to my fellow Lightworkers,

I have been working with my Angels and Guides since about 1997 and I have developed my spiritual gifts along the way.  I’d like to share my gifts with you, so that you too, can grow in YOUR gifts.  When that happens your whole life changes.

If you have a spirit led business, your clients will be drawn to you in a powerful way.

As you EXPLORE your spiritual connection with me, you will find out that you have much more of a connection than you realized.

As you EXPAND those gifts and your connection, you will start to notice how much more powerful you are, than you realized.  Even if you are an experienced Lightworker there is always more expansion available to you.

As you EXPRESS this great version of yourself to the world, you will lead a life of joy and magic with confidence and grace.

I am so happy to offer you my services on this site.  I offer much more to the people who find me and are drawn to me and the Rainbow energies.  Once you order and experience the Language of Light session, you will see how much more of YOU there is to discover.

Many blessings,

Barbara Marie (Reverend Barbara Marie Babish, Ph.D.)

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