Cards- There are many types of cards that can be used to receive Inner Guidance or, Divine Guidance as I like to call it.

When using the various cards like Angel Cards, Rune Cards, Animals Cards, Ascended Master Cards or other cards, the key is in asking questions. If you do not ask the questions properly and accurately, the answers will not make sense.  Many of today’s professional “card readers” have extra gifts that help them interpret the cards for you.

If you take this seriously, I highly suggest you create a sacred space first for yourself before starting. Call in your angels and guides and your Highest Self to help you to receive clearly.

When using the cards for yourself, it is just a matter of practice until you feel you are truly getting messages.

One easy way to start receiving guidance from CARDS is to have a question in mind.  Always shuffle the deck each time you use them.  This way you infuse your current energy into the deck.  You will have a fresh connection with the cards each time.

An easy question to start with is “Please give me a theme for today.”  You draw a card and then you would then keep that in mind for the day.

For using angel cards you might say “Please give me an angel to help me today.”  Whichever card you draw, is your angel of the day.

For using animal cards, you might ask to be shown what animal spirit will help you today.  Whichever card you draw is the animal that will help you that day.  Read about the animals traits and see what you are drawn to, about that animal.

You might just want to ask the general question of “What do I need to know today?”  The card you then draw, will hold some type of message for you.

All of the card decks come with instructions and advice on how to use the cards.  Take a peek at some cards if this piques your interest.

This is just a short way to start using the various cards for guidance.  Much more detail will be given in the future blog posts.

Blessings, Barbara Marie

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