We really are SELF CENTERED!

This post is taken from The Rainbow Heart blog by Barbara Marie Babish in 2010.   Because My world revolves around ME, I see everything from my own perspective.  I see all things as My work, My car, My kids, My home, MY opinion ! We are conditioned to do this.  It is natural.  To…

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Do you SEE all that you have?

This is a past post from The Rainbow Heart, by Barbara Marie Babish on the date:  Sept. 14, 2010   I was just outside this morning and the sun is still not shining.  It has been quite a few days and I miss the sun.  I like the sun.  I need the sun.  As I…

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Free Meditation EBook

Language of Light

Greetings, Just adding this in case you missed it………. I am offering you a FREE EBook on Meditation for Beginners. You may find it here:  www.FreeMeditationBook.com I will be hosting a webinar giving more details on this method to contact your Angels or Guides. Those registered to receive the EBook will receive the first invitations…

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Invitation to FREE article on Angels

Barbara Marie Babish

Greetings!  I invite you to take a look at a short article I wrote.  (It’s barely over 2 pages)  It gives you a quick check list on How to Develop a Relationship with your angels. In the new year, I plan to host a webinar that will take you through these same steps.  It is…

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Welcome everyone, to the new blog for Reverend Barbara Marie.  Hey!  That’s me!  This blog page and static pages in the menu, will house most of the information or give you a link to it.  I will be taking all of the posts from the original blog and put them here. This will take a…

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