St. Clare- message #2

bless you (400x77)

Hi there, this message just came through for us on 07/08/2014. St. Clare talks to us about BLESSING each other and the power of doing that.   Blessings, Barbara Marie

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First message from St. Clare

see the master (400x52)

Great news!  The first message for the public came this morning… here is the link to listen to it.  St. Clare talks about seeing the Master in everyone you meet.  She gives us two activations in this message. ( From 07/07/2014 ) I hope it serves you well.  Barbara Marie

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Meeting St. Clare tonight!

July 6th evening…   The most wonderful thing happened to me about a half hour ago. ST. CLARE CAME TO ME!!!  She is part of the spirit group that I work with called The Present Ones. She will give me messages every day if I am willing to receive.. which I AM!!!   I believe…

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