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Barbara Marie gives you the Focus of the Day, to focus on, to raise your knowledge and your vibration, so that you may live a more spiritually guided life.

Focus on Wednesday

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Take the time today to release all negative things from your life.  You can do this just by saying it. You might like to use this example:  “I release all negativity from my life.  I release all fear!” This sets up your energy to be at a higher level.  Little tools like this really work…

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Focus for Tuesday

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Today is a good day to take stock of your life.  What are all the good things in your life. Make a list.  Take the time to really appreciate all that you have.  This could be people, places or things. It all counts and builds good energy into your life.  If you do this, more…

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Focus for Monday

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Start the week off with spiritual guidance!  You can do this by asking your angels and guides to come and help you today. Tell them what you need help with.  Start a conversation with them. You will get better and better at this and your life will change. This free article might help you…. you…

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Focus for Sunday

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Sunday is your day for writing and summarizing your past week.  Think of all the things that you learned about yourself. What can you do better next week?  Start watching for patterns in your week of your own behavior. What makes you angry?  What makes you happy?  Write those things down. As part of your…

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Focus for Saturday

Saturday (400x148)

Our angels and guides are always helping us.  Take the time today to RECOGNIZE this. Some of us HEAR our guidance team.  Some of us FEEL them.  Others can SEE them.  Others just KNOW what they want us to know. You might want to start to pay attention to this and see if you can…

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Focus for Friday

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Today’s focus has to do with who we really are.  If you believe we were created by God, then we must be pretty special, don’t you think? No two people are exactly alike.  YOU are unique. Do you ever ask why God created you?  Do you ever ask why you are here?  What is YOUR…

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Focus for Thursday

Thursday2  (400x143)

Today’s Focus has to do with the Law of Attraction.  What you think about has power. You will draw to you, what you think about.  On the positive side, you will want to think of the things that you want to do, be or have.  On the negative side, if you keep thinking about everything…

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