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Reverend Barbara Marie shares her wisdom and knowledge regarding daily life and how we can all learn from each other.

Who Creates YOUR life?

  We create our lives by the choices we make. We make choices even when we don’t realize we are doing it. We make a choice and then live the consequences of that choice. All of this adds up to the circumstances of our lives. You can’t blame others.  YOU always have a choice. That…

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Do you honestly RESPECT others?

REspect header (400x60)

I just received some information on RESPECT that would help me in my daily life. I share it with you briefly in this audio. CLICK  the left side of this black bar to START…… and  RIGHT SIDE of BAR to control VOLUME. Short audio..about 5 minutes. Blessings, Barbara Marie

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When you GIVE do you EXPECT to receive?

give and receive (400x52)

In the lesson on GIVING, It was said that once we give, we will receive.   We are NOT to give, just in order to receive….   So?  How in fact does this work?   I asked this last night and this is what I received this morning.   Yes, at first you give consciously.…

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How do YOU receive gifts?

More on learning to RECEIVE! In one of the last articles when I wrote about the session I had with my friend Kate, I was shown how I did not receive very well.  Today I had a session with my friend Susan.  I took her through the Red and Violet stages of the Way of…

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How often do YOU lose focus?

Taken from The Rainbow Heart – written in 2010 by Barbara Marie Babish Losing your focus Today is July 6th and I found myself having a hard time getting back to my daily routine.  I took the weekend off and it is hard to get back in focus all of the things I need to…

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We really are SELF CENTERED!

This post is taken from The Rainbow Heart blog by Barbara Marie Babish in 2010.   Because My world revolves around ME, I see everything from my own perspective.  I see all things as My work, My car, My kids, My home, MY opinion ! We are conditioned to do this.  It is natural.  To…

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Do you SEE all that you have?

This is a past post from The Rainbow Heart, by Barbara Marie Babish on the date:  Sept. 14, 2010   I was just outside this morning and the sun is still not shining.  It has been quite a few days and I miss the sun.  I like the sun.  I need the sun.  As I…

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