The Rainbow Methods are coming soon...

Rainbow Method: Beginner Meditation- Available Feb. 10th, 2020

This short ebook gives you the basic meditation steps as well as the who, what, where and why of mediation.  It is for the inexperienced as well as the experienced.  The angels and guides lead us in simple ways.  This little book can give you a new way to look at meditation very simply.

The Rainbow Prayer Method- Available Feb. 17, 2020

If you are tired of BEGGING God for what you want, this book is for YOU! This short ebook will show you how to work with God in order to receive what is best for you and your family.This method facilitates miracles. Read it now if you need a miracle.

Enjoy this special  FREE Ebook on how to pray for those tough cases.

The Rainbow Prayer Method was given to us by the angels and guides that work with Barbara Marie.  It is quite different from your regular type of prayer.  With this method, you work with the angels and guides to co-create results for your highest good

The Rainbow Method of Personal Transformation- Available Feb. 24th, 2020

The Way of the Rainbow is a guided process where you will learn how to consistently tap into your Inner Guidance and live your life with love, joy and magic.  Each of the seven sessions will give you divinely simple information that you will put into action.  By taking action on each of the steps you will naturally grow into creating seven new powerful habits.  Along with the information each week, you will receive vibrational keys, codes and “activations” from the Present Ones in the Language of Light. Their input of energy adds the higher vibrations to the simple concepts.  While in the Zone of Creation, each participant will be blessed with whatever they need most in that moment.

This is a 10 week paid program.

The Rainbow Method of Business Transformation- Available late 2020

Tell here about the business program

Reverend Barbara Marie Babish, Ph.D.

Barbara Marie has more than 20 years experience in receiving Divine guidance.  She has a close relationship with her angels and guides.  Once aspect of her life purpose is to help others explore their spiritual connection, expand their experiences of it, and then express their Divine Essence to the world.

Barbara Marie has worked with her angels and guides since 2008 on the Rainbow Methods and there are three right now and the fourth will be created in the summer of 2020.  Enjoy them all. Change your way of thinking, change your actions, following the colors of the rainbow for guidance.  Your life will change dramatically, even following just one of these methods.