In the lesson on GIVING,

It was said that once we give,

we will receive.


We are NOT to give, just in order

to receive….


So?  How in fact does this work?


I asked this last night and this is what I received

this morning.


Yes, at first you give consciously.

You see people or situations that you can help.

You do that…you help.

It feels good.

People say thank you.

You give more.

All this time, you are unconsciously waiting to receive.

It is natural.  Of course you are thinking

of it, because the law is GIVE AND YOU



But what I was shown was this:

Yes, at first you give consciously.

After, as time goes by and you continue

to give, it just becomes a habit.  Giving

becomes a part of you.  This is when

you are actually unconsciously giving and this

is where the real receiving takes place.

You may not even connect all that you are

receiving with all that you have given.


If and when you ARE conscious of receiving,

then the true GRATITUDE of receiving

comes into play.  Gratitude has an energy

of its own and then attracts even more of

what you desire.


Clear as mud???  hahahahah

Just thought I would share that insight.

BLessings, Barbara Marie


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