Inner Guidance System (I.G.S.) FREE 30 minute Discovery Call

  • Are you feeling stuck spiritually?
  • Have you got questions that need answers?
  • Feeling bad about yourself because you are not growing spiritually as you had planned?
  • You want to grow spiritually but you don't know what to do next?
Join me in convervsation...
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Barbara Marie has faced the same issues AS YOU, in the past, and  is now the INNER GUIDANCE EXPERT.  On this complimentary call, she will help you: 


  • briefly go over your current life and see where you are blocked so you can go forward with confidence
  • determine how you receive Inner Guidance to gain  clarity and be happy again
  • give you the next best steps to take to move you forward in the right direction bringing you clarity, confidence, a new energy of joy

A note from Barbara Marie:

Dear Friends,

I just wanted to say a few words to those who are wondering about your spiritutal gifts and about your Inner Guidance System (I.G.S.) .

Some of you are confused about your gifts and what you can offer to the world. Most of you know that you are being drawn to something bigger, something more important in your life. You are on a quest to fulfill your life purpose.

Many of you are leaders. Many of you though, are introverts and you have a hard time bringing yourself and your gifts out to the world. You may be struggling to find the courage to step up and shine.

Knowing what your spiritual gifts are and how to expand and use them is crucial to your success.

If you are struggling in any way or have a lack of clarity on this, let’s have a conversation. I know myself, I have a hard time being vulnerable because I am known as a leader and maybe that is the same for you. Sometimes it’s hard to admit that we need help. That help may come in the form of a coach, a guide or an advisor who has been where you are now and has found their way through it and become successful in their field.

I offer you this one-on-one free 30 minute I.G.S. Discovery Call.   I help Lightworkers and other spiritual seekers to explore, expand and express their Divine Essence.  Part of that is finding and using your gifts.  If you would like to get some clarity on your own personal situation please fill out the form and we can schedule this private conversation.

Many blessings,

Barbara Marie (Reverend Barbara Marie Babish, Ph.D.)