Taken from The Rainbow Heart – written in 2010 by Barbara Marie Babish

Losing your focus

Today is July 6th and I found myself having a hard time getting back to my daily routine.  I took the weekend off and it is hard to get back in focus all of the things I need to accomplish today.

How do we lose focus?

How do we get it back?

I expect that many of you have the same challenge.   You see I love what I do and I do it seven days a week.  I forge ahead with all of my dreams and goals being a focus.  My “to do” list is also a focus.  When I take a day off, it does feel nice to have a break, but sometimes I think it is not worth it…hahahahahahaa   I need to get things done once I get back and then I feel like I am behind.  I lost my momentum and my drive in those days off.

It is all just pressure I put on myself.  I do realize that.  I will take a deep breath, ask spirit to help me and then listen!

Does anyone else have these same thoughts?  Please share if you do.

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