More on learning to RECEIVE!

In one of the last articles when I wrote about the session I had with my friend Kate, I was shown how I did not receive very well.  Today I had a session with my friend Susan.  I took her through the Red and Violet stages of the Way of the  Rainbow Method , and I was shown even more about this giving and receiving balance.

I was able to see how I did not receive, in certain situations.  My Guidance Team showed me specifically some examples from my own life.

Example One:  One of my daughters gave me some flowers for my birthday.  I said thank you, just like a good mother would do.  In my head, I was thinking that I wish she had not spent the money on flowers because they were just going to die anyway.

Example Two:  Osingle giftne of my sons wanted to take me out to dinner for a special occasion.  I said okay but really did not want to go.  I went.  Just like a good mother would do.  What I really wanted was for someone to help me with the garden, or to just do the dishes for me!

In each case, the child gave in the manner in which they wanted to give.  These were gifts  given with love.  This was great!  The sad part was that I judged their giving and I did not receive it with a clear and open heart.

After being shown this, I realized that I do this all the time.  JUDGE, JUDGE, JUDGE!  Dang it!  Just when I think I have made progress, things like this show up.  I am being fine tuned I guess in order to help others, to see these same things in their lives.  It seems that I need to learn the lesson first before I can teach it!

I love it all though.  It makes me happy.  I learn my little lessons and then pass them on.

At the end of my session that I had with Susan, I asked her what the “pot of gold” was that she will take with her after the session.   She started to name a few things that really helped her.  She also thanked me very beautifully and very heart felt.  I started to do, what I usually do which was to blow it off and let it go.  I am helped just as much as my clients, so it seemed silly for me to take the thank you.  This time, I stopped myself.  I looked out the window at the lovely day, and I listened to her words.  I took them into my being and let it flow through me.  It felt wonderful!  This was the first time that I had ever done that.  I will do it from this day forward.  I sure have missed a lot of love, by not accepting the gifts and the thank-you’s with my whole heart.

If this lesson applies to you too, please take a moment to really feel the appreciation that others have for you.  It is not an ego thing.  It is a love thing!

Know that I love and support you on your journey.  If you have lessons like this to share, email them to me and I will be happy to post some of them.

Blessings, Reverend Barbara Marie

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