Barbara Marie shares " My mission is to help holistic practitioners, light workers and spiritual seekers to strengthen their spiritual connection, amplify their gifts and expand their service to the world."


Private Sessions with Barbara Marie

"Explore, Expand and Express Your Divine Essence" - 60 minutes

Are these YOUR thoughts?

    • I know I am spiritually awakening. Who can I trust to help me?
    • I know I have gifts but what are they?
    • I really am confused as to what I am supposed to be doing with my life.
    • I know I am here to help others in a big way, but I am still holding back. Why?
    • I know I am to use my gifts, but I am not clear on how to do that.
    • I am ready to get help now!
    • Who can help me?

    You are not alone!

    Help is right on this page.


    This Explore, Expand and Express Session will lead you to:


    - finding the keys that unlock the blocks that hold you back and keep you playing small

    - clarity that leads to confidence in your moving forward in your life and your business

    - an expanded vision of  who you really are

    - a powerful connection to help you find your life purpose and share your gifts

    - a deeper sense of spirituality to experience greater peace and joy

    - greater balance and well-being in your daily life

    - more empowering thoughts and beliefs to keep you moving forward

    - a more passionate way of living your life

    - hope, peace and joy which are natural consequences of this session

    -  exactly what you need during the time of your sessions


    This Divinely Guided session with Barbara Marie will give you  EXACTLY  what you need now! Your Divine Guidance Team helps lead this session.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Can you allow yourself to imagine this........


    See yourself waking up in the morning with a smile on your face, happy to start your day. You walk through your day with ease and grace handling everything that comes up easily without stress. This new confidence feels great! The clarity you have in each moment keeps you moving forward in your daily life and your business life.  You have the true vision of who you are and what you are here to do.  You smile as you think of your life purpose and how you are fulfilling it with joy.

    Now breathe this in.......This deep connection you have with your Divine Essence makes you feel strong yet at peace, as you experience a greater balance and well-being in your daily life. More empowering thoughts and beliefs that keep you moving forward is very natural. You now experience a more passionate way of living and everyone comments on it. You now have clarity, confidence, commitment and consistency in all of your thoughts, words and actions. You giggle as you say, “ Life is great!”



    Please note:  2016 Fees are now in the lower Canadian Dollar


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    Once you have paid for the 1 or the 3 session package, you will receive confirmation from Paypal.  You will also receive an email from me, to set up your appointments.  Blessings!

    This magnificent and powerful cycle, Explore, Expand and Express, works so naturally, that we are usually not even aware of it. Once we are aware of it, we can use it to share our own Divine Essence with the world. We become a magnet for all that we want to be, do or have.  Unconditional love is EXPRESSED through us to others.

    You are now invited to participate in  this private session with Barbara Marie, to get started on this new journey of Explore, Expand and Express Your Divine Essence.


    The first part of the Explore, Expand and Express cycle is EXPLORE.  Many of you are looking for answers to "Who am I?"  "Why am I here?" "How can I use my gifts to help others?"  " How do I mix business and spirituality?"  This is all part of your exploring your own Divine Essence.  By exploring your Divine Essence you are creating your spiritual foundation which is a very important key to your own expansion.


    Once you have explored and received more information that will help you, it is time to EXPAND your knowledge by going deeper with what you have received. You start to use the information in your daily life and develop wisdom in that area.

    Wisdom can be a tool for releasing fear. Blocks will start to fall away as you release fear.  Most of you are not even aware of this happening but as you release these fears you start to feel safe.  You start to let others into your life in a new way.  You are sharing more of your true self, with less baggage that you have carried previously.  Others start to see who you really are.    You start to move forward again in many areas of your life.  This is all part of your own expansion.


    Expressing your Divine Essence comes naturally.  It is a natural consequence of exploring and expanding.  Your Divine Light starts to shine through to those who are ready to see it and they will recognize it.

    Picture yourself smiling and living your life with joy, more and more as you flow through the cycle again and again.  Within each cycle you are releasing fear and increasing your feelings of safety.  Soon you are safe to be your true self and this is what is expressed in all areas of your life.  This is the new you, that the world sees.  You feel confident in all that you do and attract those that appreciate you.

    In sharing your Divine Essence with others, they will find you more loving and compassionate.  You will feel more loving to others in all areas of your life.  This is because you are actually loving and appreciating yourself more.  It is all part of this Divine Cycle.  You will start to see yourself as God sees you.  You are a Divine Light Being in a human body, with many gifts and talents that are to be used for the highest good of mankind.

    If you are ready, willing and able to EXPRESS more of your own Divine Essence with me as your guide, register for a private session today.

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    Thrilled with their sessions.......

    • Heather Haynes - Alberta, Canada

      I have had many sessions with Barbara Marie. The one that stands out the most was the one where my Mother came through to tell me how proud she is of me, and of the many areas that I am going to play a part in this life time. The love, support and caring that I feel is beyond anything that you will ever experience. I would like to take this time to thank Barbara Marie for always putting the client first in each of these sessions.

      Lumi from Greece

      You ARE the Angel Lady! I was just listening to the activations on the Language of Light site… WOW, WOW, WOW! Just what I needed to hear…. amazing! Thank you again for EVERYTHING!

    • Kate Maxwell - U.S.A.

      A divine guidance session with Barbara Marie is a soul opening experience. If you have ever wondered what your angels and guides are longing to tell you about the special mission you were sent to earth to accomplish, call Barbara Marie. She takes the experience of connecting to your spiritual helpers to a level unlike any I have ever experienced. She brings forth not only information but a profound sense of love and peace. If you have had trouble seeing the forest for the trees, consider working with Barbara Marie. The seeds of information you receive continue to grow long after the session ends. Each session is unique. After all, your life mission, your angels and the information they want to share is distinct for you. You are left with a sense of wonder, love and possibility.

    • Anne Ryan - Edmonton, Alberta

      Working with Barb is an incredible experience. Her insight and ability to share her knowledge is something to experience over and over again.

      In working with Barb, I am always amazed at how clearly she can ask questions and/or give answers to them. Her communication style is straightforward and that helps her to lead people from where they are to find their higher selves. I am constantly amazed at her grace in working with people.

      If you ever work with Barb, I am certain that you will walk away with greater self knowledge as well as an understanding of your essence or soul and life purpose.


    • Vanessa - U.S.A.

      It was resonating with me on a level which I had never experienced. I know I was in a Higher Vibration of Creativity after our session.

    • Barbara - Canada

      I found this website on the right day at the right time. Thank you for offering this service. It has helped me to connect with an Angel and I feel humbled by this.

    • Lee- Alberta, Canada

      Thank you so much for connectng me with my Guardian Angel. The message was so powerful for me. Full of affirmation, encouragement and Divine counsel. I can’t tell you how grateful I am. A connection I have been longing for, for a long time.

    • Client- Canada

      -Weight lifted off of me..

      -handle things differently …have more love

      -love flowing through me..

      -handle the kids with love first..

      -my head takes over and I come back to love

    • Jennifer K - Alberta, Canada

      I must share that things are already working too! I started doing a few things today, set an intention received guidance that I acted on and BOOM! It happened! This is going to be a beautiful journey that I am beyond excited for the future. Thank you Barbara Marie..you are a gift.

    • Lumi Greece

      Thank you so much for our soulful connection today! I am so blessed to have met you, you are a Messenger of God and you came into my life at the right moment! Thank you for bringing JOY into the world!

    Your choices are Here!
    Session Options

    Once you have paid for the 1 or the 3 session package, you will receive confirmation from Paypal.  You will also receive an email from me, to set up your appointments.  Blessings!

    About Barbara Marie....

    Reverend Barbara Marie Babish is fiercely committed to guiding her clients to reach the highest spiritual connections possible, by offering products, services and programs that have been Divinely Guided in their creation.

    Barbara Marie began her own conscious spiritual growth journey in 1996, when she was looking for help with migraine headaches. Over the years, she has become a gifted healer for herself and others and rarely has a migraine!

    Since Barbara Marie is a channel for many Light Beings she is committed to the highest vibrational messages.  The Language of Light is the highlight of her spiritual gifts, and has touched the lives of those around her in a powerful way. She allows the Language of Light to flow freely in all of her work.

    As you can see Barbara Marie is in harmony with her own Divine Guidance team.

    Her focus for 2015 and beyond is the cycle of Explore, Expand and Express Your Divine Essence which is the newest information she has received to date.

    If you choose to take part in any of Barbara Marie's products and services, know that you are not just receiving the benefit of Barbara Marie's wisdom and knowledge but also that of her Divine Guidance team.  The messages that come through for you are of the highest vibration available at that time.

    This magnificent and powerful cycle, Explore, Expand and Express, works so naturally, that we are usually not even aware of it.

    You are invited to participate in the Explore, Expand and Express Private Session with Barbara Marie and see how you too, can EXPRESS more of your own Divine Essence and get started on really seeing yourself as a Divine Being of Light and living a Divinely Inspired Life!

    Additional more than satisfied clients!

    - The Language of Light touched my heart and I felt shivers all over my body and tingling in my head area, all these are signs of an energetic activation for me... thank you!

    -  I am so thankful for my opportunity to be able to take this journey.  Specifically, to have a structured outline provided for me by Barbara Marie.  A new door has been unlocked to allow growth which is truly exciting!

    -  While listening to this activation, I felt completely calmed.

    - I’m feeling wonderful and excited to work through the system!

    - Yes! I can absolutely do this.

    - I now know I have many gifts and want to be able to organize them and share them without the feeling of being so scattered.

    - A certain “calm” has entered me, literally.

    - I now have a deeper appreciation of myself.

    - I have an excitement toward nurturing my already highly sensitive intuitiveness.

    - I now know the importance of having a more structured existence.

    -  I have a much needed sense of grounding now.

    -  I now have a closer relationship to Jesus.

    -  I have a heightened sense of energy.


    Message from Barbara Marie:


    Hello New Friend!

    It is my intention is to be of assistance to my clients, by teaching them how to tap into their own Inner Guidance and express their Divine Essence.

    With the new information on “Explore, Expand and Express Your Divine Essence”,  this is easily done.

    If you are drawn to this material, please take advantage of this special session with me, my Divine Guidance team and most importantly YOUR Divine Guidance Team.

    You will experience more of the Divine Loving Being that YOU are.

    I hope to be of service to you soon.

    Many blessings, Barbara Marie

    Your Choices are here!
    Session Options

    Once you have paid for the 1 or the 3 session package, you will receive confirmation from Paypal.  You will also receive an email from me, to set up your appointments.  Blessings!