July 6th evening…


The most wonderful thing happened to me about a half hour ago.

ST. CLARE CAME TO ME!!!  She is part of the spirit group that I work with called The Present Ones. She will give me messages every day if I am willing to receive.. which I AM!!!


I believe this was all activated by my intentions of connecting

more deeply and receiving regular messages…..AND my listening

to John Tettemer and his daughter Holly Hawkins Marwood. I listened to their videos and will be reading some of their information this week.  Last night was kind of weird… and I felt Holly kept coming to me…. I don’t know what she was saying though.  It was like we were great friends or something. (I know Holly from The Reconnection, the 111 activation and I received an Akashic Record reading from her.)  So anyway, it was like we were close.


So this evening,  I went to see mama cat JOY and her 5  kittens.  It is a nice evening, and I was relaxing just watching them.  I have a chair right there so I can sit and play with them as I am socializing the kittens as much as I can right now.Cutie smaller


I closed my eyes and just felt the energy of the beautiful calm space I was in.  All of a sudden I see the most beautiful blue I have ever seen.  I am saying WOW to myself…this is beautiful…. It doesn’t  even seem to be real!  It was just so beautiful and flowing.  This woman’s voice says to me…. Hello… and I say hello back.  I said who are you?  She said you would know me as St. Clare….. so there I am…..sitting there talking to St. Clare…or actually listening and enjoying the wonderful colors….her color she said was the beautiful blue that I started seeing and that blue then was joined by a green and then the other colors flowed in and out..various shades of the rainbow colors..IT WAS MAGNIFICENT, to say the least! (This was extra special to me because I work with the Rainbow energy colors.)


She showed me how The Present Ones all have colored energy and as I work with those colors I am working with The Present Ones.  ( I have worked with The Present Ones since 2007 on The Way of the Rainbow.)


This was such a beautiful connection, that I actually cried.  She said that I could connect with her everyday and receive messages, if I want to.  I sat there in sheer joy and bliss for awhile, just feeling and connecting with all of these colors.  I was experiencing THE PEACE THAT SURPASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING.


Once I felt complete I drove around the farm in my “mule”,

and blessed all of it…. I blessed the trees, the flowers, the rocks,

the land and the cats, kittens, dogs, and horses.  Then I picked some sweet grass

to do a ceremony of some sort, maybe tomorrow.  I picked a

beautiful peony…. I love the scent… it is on my kitchen table

now.  I also picked some baby spinach and some green onions.

It is like I now treasure it ALL!


Anyway, I will be receiving messages regularly now from St. Clare and the Present Ones. I will hopefully be at the computer and can just record them..type them out…then share.; No fear, I am just doing it NOW.


I love you all.  Thanks for your patience with me as I build my confidence

in sharing the information that will benefit all of us, I am sure.


Blessings, Barbara Marie


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